How it Works

1) Choose Your Message & Note Style

Choose from one of our high converting, ready-to-ship thank you card formats or have us create customized notes exclusively for your business.

2) Our Friendly Robots Get To Writing

Our handwriting robots get straight to work on your order. Our humans then manually inspect the notes and prepare your order for shipping.

3) We Ship Your Notes Where You Want Them!

We mail your finished notes where ever you would like them sent. You’re on your way to better reviews, customer loyalty, and sales!

What Makes Loyalty Notes Different?

Because we only supply thank you cards in bulk, our prices are much lower than competitors who cater to small quantity individuals that need highly customized individual notes.

So, is every note the same?

No – our machine learning system takes the same script and generates a wide range of variations of that same message… just like it was done by hand.

Why Written Notes Make You More Money

Written notes help to create an emotional connection between you and your customers. People just don’t pay attention to printed text anymore, but when they see a written note, they read it and feel the need to reciprocate your gesture — which results in repeat buying and reviews. In fact, the science of social psychology tells us that reciprocation is deeply embedded in our DNA, as described by Dr. Robert Cialdini in his frequently cited book ‘Influence’ – Read more on that here

Whether you’re an Amazon seller, or tour operator who relies on Trip Advisor reviews, having a higher number of positive reviews leads to more sales, which leads to more reviews and so on. It’s a snowball effect that plays to your advantage, helping you to overpower your competition and make more money.

We stand behind the claim that handwritten notes can increase your review rate by up to 500%. This isn’t just some arbitrary number, this is actually what we’ve seen with products on Amazon where review rates have gone from 3% all the way up to 12-15%.. meaning for every sale, there is a 12-15% chance that the customer leaves a 100% authentic, verified review. What’s more, we’ve found that including our notes leads to a significant decrease in negative reviews & reduction in returns. It’s a win-win-win.

About Our Hand Written Notes

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