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The 3 Most Effective Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses

Running a business takes a considerable amount of effort but it can also be very rewarding. For one thing, you’re your own boss; you get to choose how many hours you want to work and what you want to do. No one else is going to set the rules but you! Aside from that, it […]

The Link Between Handwritten Notes & Successful People

Nowadays, almost everything is digitalized—from taking photos to watching videos. Perhaps the greatest change, however, is the transition from handwritten to printed text. Let’s face it—we just don’t write as much anymore. Why? It’s much easier to type. Not only is it faster, but it allows whatever you type to be digitalized. For example, you […]

Open Rate of Handwritten Notes vs Other Forms of Marketing

Are you a business owner? Want to attract more clients? If so, you’ll want to come up with a good marketing strategy. How else would people know about your products and services, right? Word of mouth only goes so far. The better your marketing, the greater the potential of sales. It might require a bit […]

4 Ways Handwritten Notes Can Improve Your Amazon Business

Looking for a place to sell your products? How about Amazon? If anything, it’s one of the most popular websites in the world—and for good reason. Their prices are competitive and they offer speedy shipping! You have to admit, online shopping can be quite convenient. You don’t have to drive to a store or lug […]

Decrease Return Rates on Amazon – Effective Methods for Sellers

Are you a small business owner? Looking for a place to sell your goods? Consider Amazon! If anything, it’s one of the most popular e-commerce platforms out there. What’s more, is that it’s super easy to use. All you have to do is create an account, list your items and wait for the purchases to […]

How to Get More Google Reviews for Your Business

Thinking of starting your own business? Great! Keep in mind, however, that it can be challenging. For one thing, you want to have a plan—one that puts your ideas and goals into concrete terms. After all, you’ll probably be spending a lot of time and resources on it. Considering that, you definitely don’t want to […]

The Power of Handwritten Notes

Technology has come a long way. Nowadays, we can easily communicate with each other on social media—all we have to do is pull out our phones! With just a few taps on the screen, we’re able to put together a message, which we can then send to our friends with the touch of a button. […]

3 Proven Ways to Increase Your Review Rate on Amazon

Are you new to the Amazon scene? Want to know how you can make more sales on the site? The key is to get more reviews for your products. Think about it—a potential customer is much more likely to purchase something that has hundreds of reviews as opposed to those with just a few. Why? […]